About US
First Marble co, one of the major companies in the field of marble and granite in
 Egypt and the Middle East, because of its quarries and equipment can supply all
kinds of local marble and granite with high quality levels and also competitive prices
to try to improve our customers in the Egyptian market to
  meet the demands of major projects, whether in Egypt or in the world
Also possesses many of the machines and equipment that enable it to produce about
4,000 to 5,000 square meters of tiles and slabs from marble and granite together
Our Products for example
Marble blocks
Unpolished Marble slabs
Polished Marble and Granite slabs
Marble and Granite tiles with different sizes and multiple final finishing for example
Polished – Tumbled – Flamed – Acide – Mosaic – Split Face Mosaic – Split Face –
Pebbles tumbled of marble and granite – Interlock marble and granite
We also import the best types of marble and granite from all over the world
From the reality of the statement of financial position, the size of the investment First
marble co 44 Million Egyptian pounds, also estimated the size of our sales 25 million
Egyptian pounds at the level of the domestic market and overseas market
The company owns the latest techniques and technology in the field of processing and
finishing marble and granite, to produce high quality product
Previous business
At the global level, our company exported marble and granite for most countries of
the world, for example (Italy - Spain - America - Greece - Portugal - Brazil - Austria – UK ) -
At the local level, our company supplying marble and granite to domestic market for
most engineers contractors , also our company procurement major projects,
for example
Royal Plaza Hotel (Sharm El Sheikh) - Giza Towers (Samir Nasharti) - Peace tourist
village - Solaimania - Top Mobil Corp. and also
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